Got up from the kid’s table and haven’t looked back. An #usguys moment

Unrelated, but Big D and the Kid's Table is one of my favorite bands

At the #usguys #philly meetup we talked a bit about the volatile nature of relationships and whether the stream has grown too large to create/maintain the ‘tribe’ (@aldsaur coming up with her own great perspectives on this).

One thing we established that meeting face-to-face immediately boosts the amount of interest an individual has in reading and responding to tweets from fellow #usguys. This is a point being made across many platforms – social media is great for reaching out but real relationships are formed in real life.

This fact is something many people my age struggle with  – friends who are new to Twitter aren’t attached to it, because they follow people who are already IRL connections. Knowing someone personally trumps knowing them on Twitter, and renders it more of a plaything than anything else. This mentality holds true for pretty much everyone thats still at the kid’s table of Twitter. Continue reading

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A Recent Grad’s Perspective on #LinkedIn

I joined LinkedIn just around the time I was getting ready to graduate from college in late 2010 at the suggestion of my father (who still isn’t on Facebook). Many classmates were also signing up, and as my connections grew I often heard the question “but what is it good for?”. Who were we supposed to connect with – other students? The same ones IN the Facebook photos we’re supposed to hide from employers?

At least this kid could have added everyone at F.A.O. to his profile

A year later, I still hear this question from recent grads. And while I can explain how it’s good for researching companies and presenting  a more refined profile to HR folk or keeping tabs on professional contacts I have to admit they have a point. If you didn’t already have a network of working adult-people, LinkedIn is not much of a step up on the competition. Continue reading

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Britney Won’t Die


Oh the shame

Which is probably a good thing, since she’s barely made it to 30.


Many of my friends are estatic over Ms. Spear’s new album, which dropped today. I haven’t listened to it yet, but I’m sure as soon as the first single hits z100 tomorrow morning I will be bopping in my car, ready to hit the floor.

That aside, I am not in the least bit excited for yet another Britney album.  Remember when in middle school listening to Britney made one the object of ridicule because everyone knew she had no creative input? Somehow the nostalgia factor has buoyed her past three albums to success and she’s back at the top of her game. Granted, she does have a bit more input to the entire creative process, but she’s still making straight up pop music. I get my fill of that on the radio, thanks, no need to purchase.

So congrats to her producers, managers, wranglers, stylists and choreographers for building Britney 2.0, the version that loves to have sex. I only want to be listening if there is a cran vodka in hand, strobe lights overhead, and I’m rolling six deep with my gays.


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When White Girls Sing the Blues

I spent a decent amount of my morning watching videos from Grace Potter and the Nocturnals, a group I had resisted listening to because their name sounds like something my mother would enjoy listening to (aka tortured me with) during … Continue reading

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Kanye West: Self-made Monster?

Recently, a friend (Mr. Culture) posted this on his wall:

Reviewed some leaked versions of the “Monster” video. The whole thing is full of dead white models. Kanye is OBVIOUSLY trying to say something. This is becoming a striking trend throughout all of his imagery (including the album cover). Been doing a little research on this- trying to piece together some thoughts and articulate what I think its about… but help me figure this out if you’ve also noticed.

I’ve definitely noticed.

Mr. West has been doing a lot of commentary on the price of fame via his G.O.O.D. Friday tracks, Runaway film and of course, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.

There are some obvious statements here: With fame comes an absurd amount of power, probably more than one person should ever posses. Our society has an inexplicable need for expensive things, as impractical as they may be. Sometimes, people are douchebags.

But still, what’s with all the dead white chicks?

Continue reading

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Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson…

He was legit a General, but this jacket is SO MCR

is a hipster douchebag. Created the democratic party. Was oddly reminiscent of Sarah Palin.

Welcome to my incredibly outdated and completely irrelevant review of Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson, which ends its Broadway run today. This is gonna be long and meandering, so for anyone who believes a blog post should run under 300 words, be content with the fragmented statements above. Continue reading

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Hawaii Five-NO



Dear God is this show terrible. I mean, I could have told you that after the second time I saw Daniel Dae Kim’s beefcake stare roll by on a city bus, but due to my mother’s penchant for crime procedurals and my choice to carve pumpkins in the living room I had no choice but to watch an episode. Continue reading

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Wedded Bliss, Holy Matrimony, What The Eff Ever

David Tutera, you've created a monster

Yesterday was supposedly a big day for weddings, the date 10/10/10 signifying the couple in question would have a “perfect 10 marriage’. Accordingly, I was going to post a feminist rant about the capitalist drive of the wedding industry, how absurd receptions are and complain about the ongoing myth of the perfect wedding dress.

But who the fuck am I kidding, I love this shit.

Continue reading

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Adding my comment to the thread


Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner talks alon...

Image via Wikipedia


Thoughts on The Social Network:

There’s really no point in writing an in-depth review of this movie since everyone who matters saw it two weeks ago. It was fantastically written, will get at least an Oscar nod, if it wins anything at all. Continue reading

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Does ‘Easy A’ Make the Grade?

Thought I would attempt to do what this blog was founded for, and review whatever piece of cultural irrelevance I happen to have recently viewed. Although there are plenty of legitimate reviews out there, I feel the need to add my two cents on the newest movie about how being a virgin at 17 seems like the WORST possible fate, more succinctly known as Easy A.

Continue reading

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