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Great Minds Think Alike

As we all know, Season 4 of MTV’s Jersey Shore will take the cast to Italy, where they will presumably get a whole different kind of chocolatey wasted, engage the locals in fisticuffs and leave with a stronger sense of their personal … Continue reading

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Britney Won’t Die

  Which is probably a good thing, since she’s barely made it to 30.   Many of my friends are estatic over Ms. Spear’s new album, which dropped today. I haven’t listened to it yet, but I’m sure as soon … Continue reading

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When White Girls Sing the Blues

I spent a decent amount of my morning watching videos from Grace Potter and the Nocturnals, a group I had resisted listening to because their name sounds like something my mother would enjoy listening to (aka tortured me with) during … Continue reading

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Kanye West: Self-made Monster?

Recently, a friend (Mr. Culture) posted this on his wall: Reviewed some leaked versions of the “Monster” video. The whole thing is full of dead white models. Kanye is OBVIOUSLY trying to say something. This is becoming a striking trend throughout … Continue reading

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Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson…

is a hipster douchebag. Created the democratic party. Was oddly reminiscent of Sarah Palin. Welcome to my incredibly outdated and completely irrelevant review of Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson, which ends its Broadway run today. This is gonna be long and … Continue reading

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Hawaii Five-NO

Dear God is this show terrible. I mean, I could have told you that after the second time I saw Daniel Dae Kim’s beefcake stare roll by on a city bus, but due to my mother’s penchant for crime procedurals … Continue reading

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Wedded Bliss, Holy Matrimony, What The Eff Ever

Yesterday was supposedly a big day for weddings, the date 10/10/10 signifying the couple in question would have a “perfect 10 marriage’. Accordingly, I was going to post a feminist rant about the capitalist drive of the wedding industry, how … Continue reading

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Adding my comment to the thread

The point is that Larry Summer’s movie smackdown left me feeling a bit bad for the Winklevii. I suppose the scene was written so Sorkin and Fincher could claim objectivity as filmmakers in scripting a film that is non-fiction, but not a documentary, but definitely based entirely on fact. Continue reading

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Does ‘Easy A’ Make the Grade?

After yet another teen movie set in California, where there’s copious amounts of outdoor seating, something called school spirit, and an inexplicable amount of Jesus freaks running about I have gathered that public high school in Orange County must be something I cannot comprehend and I should just stop complaining about all these strange movie tropes. At least there were no cheerleaders wearing their uniforms through the halls for NO APPARENT REASON. Continue reading

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Oh Mother. If You Only Knew

The highlight of my night was that neither of my parents were around at 10 pm which meant one thing: viewing Jersey Shore in peace. Ok it’s really sad that a) I can’t watch whatever I want because b) I … Continue reading

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