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21st Century Leadership and Term Limits #USblogs

Recent events, both worldwide and nationwide; in politics, entertainment and media, have shown that leadership does not last forever. Mubarak was overthrown. Arianna Huffington sold her legacy. And GaGa is being lambasted for ripping of Madonna in her latest single. … Continue reading

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Oh Mother. If You Only Knew

The highlight of my night was that neither of my parents were around at 10 pm which meant one thing: viewing Jersey Shore in peace. Ok it’s really sad that a) I can’t watch whatever I want because b) I … Continue reading

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The Hegelian Dialectic of Pop Culture

If Lady Gaga is the single most influential music icon of the next few years (don’t argue; she is), what’s brewing in the alternate Haus of Gaga universe?

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The Hunting of the Snook

I was at Seaside Heights to 1) nap off a late Saturday night 2) catch up with a friend 3) get buzzed 4) play arcade games in order to win a pack of those animal shaped rubber band things.

In the process of enjoying our day we saw Snooki of Jersey Shore 1) traipsing the boardwalk 2) playing arcade games 3) getting buzzed. As far as I can see, the only difference is that she gets paid to attract drama. Continue reading

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