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Yesterday was my big day hanging out with the ever-chill GuestofaGuest team. I went in just to blog, but the day turned out to have way much more in store.

Some highlights:

  • Praise for my Wonder Woman post: Retro Gets Refreshed
  • Hearing about Disco Sally
  • Q:”What is social media? What are digital strategists?” A: “Eh, who really knows anyway.”
  • Being sent out on assignment to The Society at Memorial Sloan-Kettering‘s benefit luncheon (full post on THAT to come!)
  • Realizing there are people out there who get paid to plan and host such luncheons (add it to the list of aspirations).
  • “Interns are always sick”
  • Meeting fellow guest blogger Alex P. and hearing her theories on socializing and startups
  • Rachelle’s pandora station which featured Phil Collins + my favorite 80s bands.

I’ll be adding more links to this post as they’re published, but we have a little click competition going on so PLEASE click-through on Retro Gets Refreshed, share the link, and comment!

Coming Soon: Day in the Life of a Socialite

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