Great Minds Think Alike

As we all know, Season 4 of MTV’s Jersey Shore will take the cast to Italy, where they will presumably get a whole different kind of chocolatey wasted, engage the locals in fisticuffs and leave with a stronger sense of their personal histories. Trust me, even if you’re not Italian you can’t visit Italy without thinking about the Roman empire and how their barbaric blood runs in the veins of pretty much every Western European nation.

I think it sounds like a great season. Why? Because I had the idea back in August:


I concede others may have had the idea before MTV’s announcement as well.  I think we ALL should get some sort of credit, or due. Personally, I’m campaigning for a position in unscripted development (at Logo maybe? I love Logo. Please let me work at Logo). You can help me out by tweeting this post @logoTV, @MTVjobs, @MTV or @MTV_JerseyShore.

I mean yeah, I’d love to work on original pieces written by very creative people who deserve to be famous for all their creativity, but I’m past the point of pretending I don’t watch an absurd amount of reality TV. Coliseum sports are all the rage.

And hey, when in Rome….

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