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Thoughts on The Social Network:

There’s really no point in writing an in-depth review of this movie since everyone who matters saw it two weeks ago. It was fantastically written, will get at least an Oscar nod, if it wins anything at all.

One aspect really intrigued me: The persistence on the part of the Winklevii (LOVE AARON SORKIN FOR THAT NICKNAME) in claiming intellectual property theft. I particularly enjoyed the scene where Larry Summers hands their assess to them for attempting retribution and using their father’s connections to get a meeting. Because I’m pretty sure Larry Summers, former Secretary of the Treasury, is all about the Old Boy’s Club life-philosophy. This dude infamously implied that there aren’t as many females working in science and math because of a “different availability of aptitude at the high end,” as well as involved the World Bank in some shady toxic waste dumping back in the day (Fern Gully much?). OH and did I mention that as Deputy Secretary of the Treasury Mr. Summers was involved with deregulation of derivatives and the investment banks that sell them, measures that caused an economic/housing boom during the Clinton administration but also led to billions in toxic assets circa 2007? Yes. That Larry Summers supposedly admonished the impossibly blonde, tall and gorgeous twins for using their status in society to get ahead.

Anyway, I digress. The point is that Larry Summer’s movie smackdown left me feeling a bit bad for the Winklevii. I suppose the scene was written so Sorkin and Fincher could claim objectivity as filmmakers in scripting a film that is non-fiction, but not a documentary, but definitely based entirely on fact.  But then I remembered that Cameron Winklevoss is the publisher of, a site I love for finding events in New York. I also hate this site for reminding me daily that I am a nobody and can probably live in the city my entire life without ever having access to any of the lavish parties described in detail, with photos. Those twins know the power their exclusive status in society holds over those aspiring to fame, such as me. I remember after the tension of college acceptance was over, the summer was spent waiting for my damn address so I could sign up for a Facebook account. I had already phased out MySpace in anticipation. So if the intellectual property in question is the idea of an exclusive website, than I would say the Winklevii were right on. Facebook is slowly, bit by bit, loosing its cool due to the open platform and appearance of ads.

One EXTREMELY important question the movie left unanswered: Who the hell came up with poking?

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