Oh Mother. If You Only Knew

The highlight of my night was that neither of my parents were around at 10 pm which meant one thing: viewing Jersey Shore in peace. Ok it’s really sad that a) I can’t watch whatever I want because b) I am currently living in my parent’s house, but whatever. As my friend with her own blog about living at home explains, it’s not like I’m here because I have no interest in pursuing my own life. Baby steps. Anyway, on to the reason I censor all my stories about college parties, bar nights and that one time I was stranded in Brooklyn at 3 a.m. with no phone.

It’s 10:40. All this week’s middle school drama with ‘the Note’ has more or less passed, The Situation has sniped an elusive Bottle Blonde and the roomies are sitting down to Sunday dinner. My mother walks in, glances at the television and says:

“I can’t believe they’re all so rude as to wear hats indoors, AT the dinner table.”

Me: “Have you actually seen this show? Like, of all the uncouth things they do, hats are really not an issue”

Mom: “Well it just goes to show that they are very uncouth people who never listened to their parents about wearing hats indoors.”

Also, thus is explained my irrational distaste for haberdashery.

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2 Responses to Oh Mother. If You Only Knew

  1. Kristi says:

    How can you dislike haberdashery? I was once told I would make a good British person because I wear a lot of hats.

  2. snark1 says:

    I’m fine with hats on other people. I just feel distasteful and mildly affected when wearing them.

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