The Hegelian Dialectic of Pop Culture

Gaga performing on the Fame Ball tour

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If Lady Gaga is the single most influential music icon of the next few years (don’t argue; she is), what’s brewing in the alternate Haus of Gaga universe?

I like to have this vision that Gaga was born from a New York pop underground, where talented composers who loved their Madonna (and N*sync) albums played shabby clubs while SoCal punk and straight up gangsta rap ruled the airwaves. Now that pure, unadulterated pop is back in the mainstream (OWNS the mainstream – look to artists who have been able to piggyback on Gaga’s popularity like Ke$ha, Katy Perry and dare I say it – Miley) an opposition must be rising? Obviously puerile pop is still proving profitable (why else would Mike Posner EVER have been signed) but as my shabby understanding of Hegel dictates, everything gives rise to an antithesis (and then comes synthesis but we’ve been covered on the synth front since at least 1982). But what on earth is the opposite of a woman who writes and performs her own music, says what she wants in interviews, commissions the most outlandish costumes and has won over almost every type of music fan?

And even if Gaga isn’t going anywhere for a few years, the pendulum’s gotta swing in the other direction. There will always be the same top 40 stations playing the same ludicrous songs on loop, but what kind of pop diva will rule them next?

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