Mad Men Yourself

OK, I was glued to this weeks episode. Finally something other than “We’re a fledgling company in constant danger of screwing up!”

Has anyone else noticed a young, attractive and vulnerable female is planted in every episode? It’s like Don Draper has his own private game of Where’s Waldo going on – Find the Floozy.

While Don is well established as a ladies’ man, this season he is a damn PERSISTENT skirt-chaser, in spite of what seems like an awful lot of rejections for only three episodes in. Kind of reminds me of this guy:

I get that they’re showing a divorced man doesn’t have the same kind of sexual currency a married man does, and I suppose it humanizes Don in a way (although also shows how much of a womanizer he really is) but I hope they don’t keep this up the whole season. Otherwise I’m going to have to make a season-long drinking game.

Can I have it?

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