Jacking the Blog

This was supposed to be a collaborative effort offering snarky insight into the various media stories that are covered by ever other pop culture blog. And then life happened, seemingly to all of us at once.

So it’s mine now bitches! I could have started my own, or gotten a Tumblr, but I really like this name and I really like to be snarky about everything. Which I shall proceed to be.

First topic: The film industry. It’s absolutely absurd how much time and money is put into films, especially big budget films that are mostly meant to provide a ginormous ROI because of their top-billed stars. Presumably, people get into film not for the sole purpose of being able to spend all this time and money, but because the process of doing so is way more fun, challenging and all around interesting than every other job available.

SO LIGHTEN UP! we are not saving babies. Just spending a lot of money to have fun stories about that time all the extras held a dance contest in holding.

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