The future of 1955 is here

As Oscar hopefuls exit the box office and trailers appear for spring flicks, there is a strange (albeit old) word popping up on cardboard cutouts and oversized posters: IN 3D.

For some movies, such as Avatar, the complete 3D IMAX experience made the viewing experience beyond extraordinary. But with Disney and Sony rolling out more and more 3D screens across the country, it seems that the future of moviegoing is upon us. And since this future was first envisioned about 60 years ago, I’m a little scared.

First off, this whole campaign and the dollars these companies are sinking into renovating theaters and shooting their films in three dimensions is an obvious strategy to combat the availability of media online, including most feature films. But just because movies are more, I dunno futuristic than ever doesn’t prevent them from being pirated online. Sure, donning 3D glasses and watching Alice in Wonderland on your home computer sounds like the worst night in imaginable (but then again, going out to see Alice in Wonderland in 3D sounds pretty awful too).

And here’s why: The gimmicks get in the way of story. For 3D to be captivating, there has to be constant motion, constant action. Which is why it works for Avatar. But there are already a host of films being rolled out that aren’t entirely action-based, even if they have a few 3D worthy action scenes. But we’re supposed to deal with this absurd hyper-reality AND get emotionally invested in the dialogue, in the story? Maybe it’s just me, but if I’m laughing my ass off at absurd graphics (or if they’re making me dizzy), I probably won’t take much away from the movie itself. For example, the last installment of Harry Potter will also be released in 3D versions. It’s hard enough to keep my dinner down when watching Dan Radcliffe in only two dimensions, but watching him attempt to act in an added third is just too much. I have faithfully gone to every midnight release of the previous six movies, but if my only option to see the 7th is in 3D I simply will not go. Instead of competing with the internet, this nationwide move to three dimensions will most likely drive me to online channelsvia Synthetic Dimensions

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  1. I hope you would not mind if I put up a part of this on my univeristy blog?

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