Trying to force an addiction

Ohh, Glee. I want to like you so so much. Sadly, I actually forgot to watch tonight, and went to the gym for an hour instead. (after sitting on your ass reading scripts for eight hours and then battling L.A. traffic to make the premiere of FAME, you would be happy to see a treadmill too.)

I thought it would be so great to have a new show that is not only SCRIPTED but is a musical comedy series to counter against the lineup of reality challenge shows and forensic waffle such as my mother’s all time favorite show, Bones.
Watching Glee however, was a rather glum experience. It’s getting better as the writers work it out, but I still have issues. Mainly that instead of revealing the characters that occupy every high school’s performing arts ‘department’, it reinforces high school stereotypes, and not in an entertaining way.

I will concede that many of the one-liners were hilarious, but many more of them were lost in the myriad of things that distract this show from being enjoyable to watch. I can’t possibly weave them into a coherent paragraph at 2:40 a.m. (that’s 5:40 for the kids on the right coast) so a bullet list will have to do.

1) What is with the costumes! I get that this is an over-the-top show, but these people are dressed as stereotypes. They constantly look like they are characters in costume, not people wearing clothes. In some way this dedication to archetype creates the world of the show, but at the same time it flattens every single character into a type. And will someone PLEASE PLEASE tell executive producers the world over that cheerleaders do not wear their uniforms to school everyday, nor do football players wear their pads in the halls.

2) What is this show trying to be? An absurdist high school farce? A forum for the social and political issues facing teenagers in small town America? A serial musical? Theoretically it could be all three, but the elements don’t mesh. So for example, when Rachel (I actually liked Lea Michele on stage, but this character is annoying as fuck) starts reciting statistics about the ineffectiveness of abstinence in the premiere, I suddenly felt like I was back in health class listening to squirmy factoids involving teen pregnancy. Which is unfortunate, because the topics she brings up are actually pretty relevant to the average high-schooler, but the information is delivered like a freaking P.S.A. So what are you, Glee? A source of FDA-approved information, or a show about real people?

3) Praise the Lord for Jane Lynch. No one else can inject so much into so few lines.

4) Dimensions! The wife is too easy to hate, and I’m cheering out loud for Mr. Schu to hook up with adorable Heroes girl. It shouldn’t be this easy for him to cheat, give the man some conflict! This lack of depth goes for most characters on the show, but it is most disappointing to see in this relationship. Shame on you, Glee writers.

Verdict: Keep watching! We need scripted comedy in primetime! And RESPOND to this shit people, we can write what we want to see from our computers. Half the interns I know do blog research. Suckers

p.s. Why the fuck was the cast touring Hot Topic stores nationwide this summer?

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