Jennifer Aniston is OK.

I mean, she’s definitely not great, right? Sure, she’s gorgeous, and Rachel was funny (even for ten seasons). But we all have to admit that her movies are a tad womp-womp. That being the case, I have nothing against her (to quote ANTM’s Miss Jay, “I’m not mad at her.”) And as always, I am easily won over by a star’s off-duty behavior. Last week Aniston wheedled into my good graces by appearing on Chelsea Lately. Three highlights:

1. Aniston guiltily accused New Jersey of stinking. It does. Don’t be afraid, people, we know. But as Chelsea well knows, there is much to love even while embracing our dear state’s peculiar odor; it’s part of its charm! I suspect my fellow bloggers miss that fragrance just a little while away at school (I know I do).

2. Aniston likes vodka, albeit probably less than Chelsea. The pair may or may not have walked off set and into a bar to knock back shots of the sweet nectar.

3. When asked about her new movie, which shall remain nameless in order that my couch shall remain free of vomit, Aniston paused before responding, “It’s a… good movie.” The face she makes after this (at 5:08, link below) is the face of a woman well aware that this is NOT a good movie. And I couldn’t agree more, solely based on the ubiquitous trailer. That face makes it OK.

SO… You still make some awful movies, Jen (this latest looks positively embarrassing.) But, at least for now, you’re alright.

See for yourself:

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