Why Heroes actually might not suck this season:

Season 3’s finale. For at least two seasons, Heroes had been plagued by characters with questionable motivation (Hiro got bored and lost the formula), dubious plotlines (the Company/another Company/Sylar/any combination therein), and a whole lot of just plain crazy (beat it, Maya). The past season’s finale, to me, was exciting, dangerous, and perhaps most importantly had high stakes. I’ve seen enough main characters “die” on this show to not bat an eye. But Nathan’s death was actually very emotional. He was a likable character to lose, and his death caused real emotional resonance among the other heroes. Adding to the death of Nathan came another hard blow to the poor victim Gabriel Gray (alias psycho-Sylar). OK, the guy’s no Mr. Rogers, but he has mommy issues! AND daddy issues! Does he really deserve to have his history/personality robbed from him, only to become a shapeshifted Nathan-puppet?

This is the most compelling evidence for a ballin’ season 4. Like season 1, we now have truly interesting moral and personal questions to face. What makes us who we are? If someone has the body and the memories of your loved one, does that make it him? Most excitingly, and hinted by this volume’s title, can there be redemption for the wicked? Or is some amount of evil unredeemable? Heavy stuff. And since the novelty of flying men has long worn-off, I think this is what people who watch Heroes want (echoes of Lost).

Personally, I think the most exciting thing they can do this season is save Sylar. It would open up a whole world of *NEW* plot possibilities, besides being hugely rewarding to fans (enough to make up for less ZQ screentime). Of course, he’s probably going to be pretty cranky when he finds out he *isn’t* Nathan. So are some other people. And how are Angela, HRG, and Matt going to account/atone for what they did? I see major potential in all of this.

…Plus, there’s going to be carnies!

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