Zachary Quinto: A Love Story

You’ve gotta love it when an actor is aware of their own strengths. Megan Fox is one of my favorites for this, acknowledging her Transformers acting chops as thus: “You’re either yelling or running. You can’t go wrong with either one of those things.” My beloved Zachary Quinto has also recently tapped into his own appeal with this FunnyorDie sketch (waaay NSFW):

In it, Quinto falls in love with his hostage, then proceeds to hold her at gutter-mouthed gunpoint throughout their life together. I especially like when he videotapes his child’s birth with one hand and uses the other to point the gun at its crowning head.

Is this funny? Yes, it’s basically one joke stretched over five minutes, with a heavy reliance on the inherent humor of the F-word. But there are some really hilarious moments, like ZQ holding his child’s crowning head at gunpoint during its birth, or his exasperated wife still playing hostage for her husband to proposition another woman at a bar.

Basically, though, what makes this funny is that it’s exactly what Zachary Quinto has staked his career on: that he can be appealing while being a total fucking psychopath. I won’t get into the psychological issues behind finding him attractive as Sylar on Heroes (where he routinely cuts open people’s heads) or Spock in Star Trek (especially when he choke-holds Kirk and you almost think they’re gonna make out). But essentially, this is what makes Zachary Quinto Zachary Quinto!

So, without being one such unbalanced female, can you appreciate this video? Is it funny on its own, or only within its star’s context?

Posted by Kristi

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