Gays are the Tums to Miley Cyrus Indigestion.

So what if Joel McHale has some sort of comedic monopoly/inappropriate obsession with Miley Cyrus. She provides too many good opportunities for criticism to pass this one up. Basically, when I first heard this song on every single one of the top 40 stations that have taken over all the best bandwith in the tri-state area, I almost threw up all over my new Prius. I really don’t need to explain why: the song is completely inane, and aggravatingly catchy in the worst way possible. But then I saw this video:

…And I realized how great Miley Cyrus really is when used as a setting for a frolic on the beach. She really is only useful as 1) a way to incite road rage or B) something to camp up. Not that this video is inherently campy, just decently directed shots of boys being boys, plus a dachsund. (even if you can’t make it through the whole video, at least make it to the weiner dog). Susan Sontag would probably dismiss it as entirely too tasteful. There’s really nothing else significant about this video, except that its hilarity lies in its innocuous nature- Just thought I would share.

Also, in the opening does Miley call L.A. the land of fame and success, or fame and sex? I guess I’ll find out when I get there in SEVEN DAYS! Yes, it’s day 1 of my cross-country trip in said Prius, and there is literally nothing to report from the road. But thanks to Miley’s words of warning, I will not be wearing kicks to any L.A. parties. And I will be sure to be fully backed by a troupe of gays.

Posted by Lucy

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